Zink Power Hen 1 Duck Call

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The Zink Power Hen 1 Duck Call is a handmade mallard call that was built with the hardcore duck hunter in mind. Made in the USA by expert craftsman Fred Zink and his team, this powerful duck call works great to call long distances on windy days or when hunting long ranges of open water.

In addition to the powerful calling it provides, the Zink Power Hen 1 Duck Call also can be used for softer calling for close or shy ducks. With a reduced calling volume and tone, you can easily produce soft feeding calls to get nearby ducks in range.

The Zink Power Hen 1 Duck Call has a polycarbonate build with a single reed. The custom design of this call prevents it from sticking due to excess moisture on cold days. Each call is hand-tuned for the best performance possible!

Zink Power Hen 1 Duck Call Features:

• Single-reed mallard call
• Polycarbonate construction
• Hand-built and hand-tuned