Zink NOS Goose Call

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The Zink NOS Goose Call creates crisp, clear sounds that carry long distances. The Nightmare on Stage (NOS) is a competition-quality goose call that gives you maximum volume without compromising the quality of the sound. Hand-tuned and field tested,  this is the only goose call you'll ever need!

The Zink NOS Goose Call has a polycarbonate construction with a streamlined barrel  and insert. Each call is hand-tuned and field tested to ensure you get only the best high-speed, high-volume goose call. The worn-in tone channel produces quality low end sounds that you won't find on other goose calls. Each Zink NOS Goose Call is made in the USA with laser-engraved flame graphics.

Zink NOS Goose Call Features:

• Competition-quality goose call
• High-volume, high-speed calling
• Polycarbonate construction
• Streamlined barrel and insert