Tink's Doe-P Hot Shot Gel

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Tink's Doe-P Hot Shot Gel gives you ultimate control of the placement of your attractant scents with a convenient, 5 ounce gel spray can. This can allows you to place this non-estrous doe urine anywhere you'd like. With a 10' spray range, you can reach limbs and other brush that might not be easily accessible.

Tink's Doe-P Hot Shot Gel provides a long-lasting doe urine scent that won't weaken with rain and won't dry on windy days. The gel formulation easily sticks to leaves, bark, straw, and more. Use it during the pre-rut and rut periods to attract trophy bucks who are looking for does.

Tink's Doe-P Hot Shot Gel includes Tink's unique "bag-in-can" technology which makes it superior to other aerosol attractant sprays. This design ensures it sprays farther distances than traditional aerosol cans and it will also spray when held upside down.

Tink's Doe-P Hot Shot Gel Features:

• 5 oz gel spray can
• Sprays up to 10'
• Long-lasting doe urine scent
• Sticks to bark, leaves, straw, and more!