Tink's Acorn Cover Scent

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Tink's Acorn Cover Scent helps to eliminate any human aromas by covering them with something whitetails love the most -- acorns! Use this as a cover scent to mask human odors or as an attractant scent to lure feeding deer to your stand.

Tink's Acorn Cover Scent can be sprayed on boots or tracks to cover odors while walking to the stand. It can also be sprayed on treestands and blinds to mask any odors. For best results, use it around hardwood forests where oak trees are present.

Tink's Acorn Cover Scent comes in a convenient, 5 ounce pump spray can. This cover/attractant spray is long-lasting and versatile. Use it when hunting in a stand or stalking whitetails on foot. 

Tink's Acorn Cover Scent Features:

• 4 oz pump spray bottle
• Cover and attractant scent
• Long-lasting and versatile spray