Tactacam 5.0 Remote

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The Tactacam Remote allows you to control one or more Tactacam action cameras with the push of a button. This remote is compatible with Tactacam 6.0, 5.0, Solo Extreme, and FISH-I models. It has a 100 ft. range for long-distance control of your action cameras.

The Tactacam Remote allows you to control the power switches, press record, and pause recordings on all connected cameras. When not in use, it automatically powers off to conserve the batteries. The LCD screen provides the number of cameras in use, recording length, and battery life.

Tactacam Remote Features:

• 100 ft. reach
• Compatible with 6.0, 5.0, Solo Xtreme, and FISH-I models
• LED screen displays # of cameras, recording time, and battery life