Strike King Redfish Magic Jig Head

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3 Pack. The Strike King Redfish Magic Jig Head is the choice jig head for saltwater anglers targeting redfish, spotted trout, and other inshore species. These heads have a chemically-sharpened hook made of black nickel and a wide gap for more effective hook sets on large fish. 

Available in red, chartreuse, and pearl colors, the Strike King Redfish Magic Jig Head has reflective, 3D eyes that give these heads a lifelike appearance in the water. Each head includes a distinctive barb to hold soft plastics onto the head cast after cast. The heads are coated with a chip-resistant paint that improves durability when the bite is strong.

Strike King Redfish Magic Jig Heads can be used with any soft plastic baits including wiggle tail, paddle tail, jerk shads, flukes, and more! These can be fished using a variety of retrieve techniques, but are most useful using a drag and drop retrieve. The sculpted, balanced head allows the lure to slowly drop, increasing strike opportunities for fish in the area.

Strike King Redfish Magic Jig Head Features:

  • Reflective, 3D Eyes
  • Lifelike Appearance
  • Barb to Hold Baits
  • Chip-Resistant Paint