ScrapeFix Velvet Deer Attractant

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Use ScrapeFix Velvet Deer Attractant to attract deer in their velvet stage and take inventory of your bucks prior to the start of the hunting season. This 100% synthetic powder is infused with organic compounds that deer can't resist. This formula was specifically-designed to attract growing whitetails.

To use ScrapeFix Velvet Deer Attractant, create a mock scrape or find an existing scrape. Then simply add 2-3 puffs of the powder to the scrape and licking branches. Install your trail camera and you're ready to watch the deer!

ScrapeFix Velvet Deer Attractant powder keeps the scent distribution concentrated in the area where it is applied. The powder easily adheres to branches and the scent continues to work several weeks after the initial application. Includes clip for easy carry on your belt loop or keychain.

ScrapeFix Velvet Deer Attractant Features:

• 100% synthetic powder
• Attracts bucks in velvet
• Lasts for several weeks
• Easy-to-use, no-spill design