Scent Killer Gold Spray

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Scent Killer Gold Spray is a must-have for hunting in high-wind areas or for close proximity hunting. This improved formula features their HUNT DRY technology which acts fast and continues to attack scents days after drying. Rutgers University tests showed that Scent Killer Gold was effective at suppressing 99% of odors 10 days after applying.

Scent Killer Gold Spray is sold in a high output spray bottle that works at every spray angle. Use the 12 oz spray bottle to apply the scent control formula to wet or dry clothes. This fast-acting formula attacks a wide range of odors, especially human odors.

Scent Killer Gold Spray is most effective when applied the night before the hunt. Spray all layers of clothing and footwear thoroughly and allow to dry completely. Don't forget to also spray your backpack and any gear you might carry to the stand! 

Scent Killer Gold Spray Features:

  • Long-lasting, effective formulation
  • Works on wet or dry clothes
  • High-volume spray bottle