Scent-A-Way Max Laundry Detergent

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Keep your hunting clothes clean and scent-free with Scent-A-Way Max Laundry Detergent! This highly-concentrated formula requires less detergent per load so you get the most from every bottle. Use this detergent to remove stains and stay odor-free  while in the hunting stand or blind.

Scent-A-Way Max Laundry Detergent includes Camo Guard technology with special enzyme technology that retains color and pattern definition on camouflage clothing. It also leaves clothes feeling softer than ever so you're comfortable the entire day of the hunt.

Scent-A-Way Max Laundry Detergent can be used in cold or hot water and works great with high-efficiency washing machines. The Soil Guard feature prevents dirt from redepositing onto clothes during the wash cycle, and leaves an invisible film on the fibers to prevent future stains.

Scent-A-Way Max Laundry Detergent Features:

• 18 oz bottle
• Highly-concentrated
• Use with cold or hot water
• Retains color and camo pattern definition