Scent-A-Way BioStrike Odorless Spray

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Scent-A-Way BioStrike Odorless Spray is a patented formula tested by a third-party lab to be 2x as effective as any scent control spray on the market. It uses nanoshield technology to atomize the spray molecules and improve the surface area that it treats. This provides improved odor control as the biological molecules continue to attack odors hours after the spray is applied.

Scent-A-Way BioStrike Odorless Spray is 99.99% effective at destroying all human odors, fungal and bacterial. It is sold in a convenient spray bottle and available in 12 oz and 32 oz sizes. This non-toxic scent control spray is long-lasting and will continue to suppress odors for several hunting trips without needing to be reapplied.

Apply Scent-A-Way BioStrike Odorless Spray on all layers of clothing as you're preparing for the hunt. Spray it on your boots and exposed areas of skin as well for ultimate scent protection. The clear liquid leaves no residue and won't stain or fade your clothes. 

Scent-A-Way BioStrike Odorless Spray Features:

  • Patented, nanoshield formula
  • Available in 12 oz and 32 oz sizes
  • Long-lasting for multiple hunts
  • Non-toxic, won't stain clothes