Primos Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call

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The Primos Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call is an improved edition of their popular Buck Roar Grunt Call. This version includes a re-positioned barrel and reed, in addition to better enhancer fit and air flow to create sharp and responsive grunts. They added a baffle in the wheeze portion of the call and trumpeted the call exit, which creates the perfect wheezing sound of a challenging buck.

Use the Primos Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call to bring large bucks within shooting range. This call allows the user to grunt and wheeze, mimicking the sound of a large buck trying to stop a doe in estrous. Once the bucks in the area hear this call, they'll instantly want to challenge. This call works phenomenal on large, dominant, and aggressive bucks.

The Primos Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call includes an optional wrist strap that allows you to keep the call on your hand or forearm at all times. With this strap, there's no worry of dropping the call while in the stand or blind. The strap can also be worn while shooting, so you can quickly stop a buck in his tracks before firing.

Primos Buck Roar 2 Grunt Call Features:

  • Wrist strap for easy carry
  • Produces sharp grunts and wheezes
  • Loud and responsive