Primos Big Bucks Rattle Bag

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The Primos Big Bucks Rattle Bag has been a favorite tool of big deer hunters for years and it continues to produce! You can use this rattle bag to simulate the sounds of small bucks sparring in hopes that a larger, dominant buck joins the party, or you can aggressively rattle the bag to simulate a fight between dominant bucks.

The Primos Big Bucks Rattle Bag is lightweight and easy to carry. It includes an elastic  strap to keep the tines from rattling when not in use. To increase the volume of the rattle bag, simply remove a few of the tines from the camo drawstring bag. And to make a lighter rattling sound, add tines back to the bag.


Primos Big Bucks Rattle Bag Features:

• Convenient drawstring bag
• 100% waterproof
• Easily adjust rattle volume