Pete Rickard's Super Doe

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Pete Rickard's Super Doe is a time-tested solution to attract big bucks to your hunting stand or blind. This whitetail doe in estrus urine provides an irresistible scent to bucks during the early and mid season windows.

Use Pete Rickard's Super Doe in the early season to peak the curiosity of a nearby buck and get him within shooting range. Use it during the rut to get bucks to eagerly investigate the situation as they're attracted to the pheromones in the estrus urine.

The aroma of Pete Rickard's Super Doe carries permeates anything you use it on and the aroma carries long distances. Apply to your boots before walking to your stand or apply on a drag rag or wicking stick near your stand.

Pete Rickard's Super Doe Features:

• 1 1/4 ounces
• Doe in estrus urine
• For pre-rut and rut hunting