Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller

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The Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller is a remote-operated, electronic predator call system that provides realistic sounds for enticing wildlife. It includes a motorized decoy that sits on top of the e-caller and a long range remote with a 300 ft working distance. The  remote does not require line of sight to connect to the e-caller, so it can be used in any direction from the caller.

The Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller has 12 different predator sounds which include rabbit distress, coyote fights, coyote howls, pup distress, woodpecker, raccoon distress, and crow battle. The 25 Watt speaker ensures that sounds carry a long distance and the convenient carrying handle makes transporting easy.

The Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller runs on 10 AA batteries (not included) and the remote requires one 12V 23A battery. The remote and decoy store inside the e-caller when not in use. The base of the caller also includes tripod threads for elevating the call to obtain better positioning and longer sound carry.

Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller Features:

• Produces 12 unique sounds
• Long-range remote works up to 300 ft.
• 25 Watt speaker with motorized decoy
• Requires 10 AA batteries for decoy and one 12V battery for remote