Hawk Camera Stakeout System

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The Hawk Camera Stakeout System provides unlimited possibilities for positioning your game camera. This trail camera mount includes an extendable arm to easily adjust the height of your game camera. The arm extends from 22" to 51," giving you a wide range of options.

The Hawk Camera Stakeout System includes a 6" auger that allows you to secure your camera in the toughest terrain. It also has a wide ground plate that stabilizes the tripod and camera. This is especially helpful in windy conditions or uneven terrain.

The Hawk Camera Stakeout System has a 360° rotating ball head for setting your game camera at any angle you choose. If your desired camera location is on a hill or at the bottom of a hill, you can easily adjust the angle so that you get a level field of view. This system includes a GoPro ready mount in addition to 1/4" threads that fit most standard trail cameras.

Hawk Camera Stakeout System Features:

• Extendable height from 22" to 51"
• 6" deep earth auger
• Ground stabilization plate
• 360° rotating ball head
• GoPro ready mount
• 1/4" standard mount threads