Four Horseman 4" Popping Cork

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The Four Horseman 4" Popping Cork is the most durable popping cork on the market! These inshore popping corks are hand-made in Cutoff, Louisiana where they were designed by a group of fishing captains. These corks keep your baits in the zone longer, resulting in more bites and more fish!

The Four Horseman 4" Popping Cork works great when fished with artificial or live baits. Depending on the fishing depth, use approximately 1-2' of fluorocarbon leader between the cork and your bait. Use a jig head and your favorite soft plastic for a popping retrieve to find fish quickly in large waters. You can also use these for fishing shrimp or pinfish to keep the live bait in the strike zone.

The Four Horseman 4" Popping Cork is available in 5 colors -- orange, yellow, pink, green, and red. Each cork includes a 1/2 oz weight, 130 lb Spro swivel, epoxy inserts, and stainless spring steel wire. This concave popper style creates a loud noise when jerked across the water, alerting fish that there are baits in the area.

Four Horseman 4" Popping Cork Features:

  • 1/2 oz Weight
  • 130 lb Spro Swivel
  • Epoxy Inserts
  • Stainless Spring Steel Wire