Four Horseman 3" Popping Cork

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The Four Horseman 3" Popping Cork keeps your baits in the strike zone longer so that fish can see them and are more likely to bite. These corks were designed by a group of fishing captains in Cutoff, Louisiana who were searching for a durable popping cork with a loud popping action. Each cork is handmade in Louisiana with high-quality materials to ensure they'll last trip after trip.

The Four Horseman 3" Popping Cork is available in five colors -- orange, yellow, pink, green, and red. Each cork includes a 3/8 ounce weight, epoxy inserts, a 130 lb Spro swivel, and stainless spring steel wire. These corks are perfect for targeting spotted seatrout and redfish on the saltwater flats.

The Four Horseman 3" Popping Cork can be used with artificial or live baits. Use it with your favorite jig head and soft plastic combination to keep the lures right above the grass during the retrieve. When fishing artificial baits, these popping corks allow you to cover a large amount of water quickly, making it easier to find the fish. They also work well to keep live bait rigs suspended at the right depth for maximum strikes.

Four Horseman 3" Popping Cork Features:

  • 3/8 oz Weight
  • 130 lb Spro Swivel
  • Epoxy Inserts
  • Stainless Spring Steel Wire