Flextone Battle Bag Plus

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The Flextone Battle Bag Plus will take your rattling calls to the next level with this improved design. As opposed to cloth rattle bags that can dampen the rattling sound, this well-ventilated, rubber rattle bag creates maximum sounds to simulate the biggest buck battles.

The Flextone Battle Bag Plus includes polymer sticks that rattle when rubbed against one another. Use this rattle bag in the early season to simulate sparring matches between younger bucks, or use it during the peak of rut to simulate a battle between monster bucks.

The Flextone Battle Bag Plus has a convenient release cord that allows you to control the space between the rattles inside the bag. For a louder sound, simply release the cord a bit. For a lighter sound or no sound during transport, tighten the cord. The extendable cord also makes it easy to hang the rattle bag from your stand or a nearby tree while hunting.

Flextone Battle Bag Plus Features:

• Improved rubber bag design
• Increased ventilation for louder sounds
• Convenient release cord for sound control