Extinguisher Deer Call Combo

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The Extinguisher Deer Call Combo includes the popular Extinguisher Deer Call and the Black Rack system for simulating an epic buck battle. This combo provides everything you need to get monster bucks in shooting range, even on the toughest hunting days.

The Extinguisher Deer Call has the highest approval rating ever (99.6%) for a deer call in NAHC field tests. This easy-to-use deer call has the patented Modislide feature which allows you to easily change between buck, doe, or fawn calls. It also has a freeze-free design and a throat tube for realistic, directional calling.

The Black Rack includes "Bone-Core" technology that creates realistic sounds to simulate a battle between dominant bucks. The two racks included allow you to easily  control the sound and tone of the simulated buck battle. Lightly rattle the racks to simulate a small challenge or aggressively rattle the racks to mimic a battle between monster bucks.


Extinguisher Deer Call Combo Features:

• Includes Extinguisher Deer Call and Black Rack
• Field-tested and approved by the NAHC
• Made in the USA