Extinguisher Deer Call

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Easily alternate between fawn, doe, and buck sounds with the Extinguisher Deer Call. This extremely-popular deer call was given a 99.6% approval rating by the North American Hunting Club field test -- the highest ever rating for a deer call!

The Extinguisher Deer Call includes their patented Modislide feature which controls whether you want to simulate doe, fawn, or buck sounds. Just slide the button to the desired setting and you're ready to call. This simple design also makes it easy to alternate between different types of calls while in the stand.

The Throat Tube design on the Extinguisher Deer Call provides ultimate control of pitch and inflection of sounds. Create realistic sounds that are impossible for deer to resist! This popular deer call is Made in America and has free instructional videos included  with the app.

Extinguisher Deer Call Features:

• Easy slide to change from doe, fawn, or buck
• 99.6% rating by the NAHC
• Throat Tube technology for realistic inflection