Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths

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Have a shower on the go with Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths! These conveniently-packed body wipes provide odor-destroying scent control whether you're hunting, camping, or working outside.

Keep Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths in your truck or side-by-side so you can quickly get clean after a day in the field or stand. They work great on hands, but they're also safe to use on the entire body. Use these when water access is limited, or as shower wipes when camping or hunting in the woods for long periods of time.

Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths eliminate all chemical odors that may be on your hands or body. Not only do they clean, but they'll keep you from being noticed by other animals. The bio-engineered enzyme technology tackles odors with force and keeps them gone!

Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths Features:

• 25 count snap pack
• Use as hand or body wipes
• Bio-engineered enzyme technology
• Eliminate all odors for quality scent control