Covert WC30-V Cellular Camera

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The Covert WC30-V Cellular Camera allows you to capture high-resolution images and videos with easy access on the wireless app. This cellular trail camera captures high-quality, 30MP images with an exceptionally-fast, 0.2 second trigger speed. The fast trigger speed ensures that you'll get clear photos with the game centered in the frame, even when subjects are moving.

The Covert WC30-V Cellular Camera has a compact design that makes it easy to hide near your favorite hunting spot. It has a matte brown housing and a reinforced tripod mount to ensure it stays in place. This trail camera allows for long range photo capture with a 100 ft. long flash range. You can also customize image capture with the 1-10 turbo boost shot mode.

One of the best features of the Covert WC30-V Cellular Camera is the ability to capture photos without spooking any animals. The Maximum Silence Image Capture feature keeps the camera quiet and the 48 no-glow LEDs prevent any spooking from light exposure. Each image or video is stamped with time, date, temperature, and moon phase before being sent to the wireless app for viewing. 

Covert WC30-V Cellular Camera Features:

• Verizon cellular network
• 30 MP photos

• 720p videos
• 1-10 shot turbo boost mode
• 0.2 second trigger speed
• Compact design
• Silent image capture
• Requires 12 AA batteries