The Claw Rifle/Shotgun Sling

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The Claw Rifle/Shotgun Sling ensures your shotgun or rifle stays in place on your shoulder while walking, climbing, or even crawling. The "claw" is a non-slip, polymer pad that grips to your shoulder like nothing else. It fits any standard shotgun or rifle with the Hush Stalker II sling swivels that are included.

The odor resistant pad on The Claw Rifle/Shotgun Sling ensures your rifle won't be transmitting unwanted scents in the field. The polymer pad is designed to remain flexible in the coldest of temperatures. It's also UV-resistant so that it won't crack or fade in the warmest temperatures.

The Claw Rifle/Shotgun Sling Features:

• Width: 2.5 in
• Length: 15 to 40.5 in
• 1/2" of built-in stretch
• Quick detach swivel