Browning Trail Camera Field Mount

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The Browning Trail Camera Field Mount is the perfect solution to mounting trail cameras in open fields or thicket where there aren't any trees. This dual camera mounting system has 1/4" threads that screw into the base of any standard trail or game camera.

You can mount 1 or 2 cameras at a time on the Browning Trail Camera Field Mount. The  gimbals for each mount allow you to easily change the direction and angle of each camera so that you get a larger field of view. The gimbals are also helpful for leveling the position of the cameras to account for hills or valleys.

The Browning Trail Camera Field Mount is made with powder-coated steel and is built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions. It has a ground spike with a foot pedestal so that it can be easily pushed into the ground and secured.

Browning Trail Camera Field Mount Features:

• Powder-coated, all-steel design
• Mount 1 or 2 cameras
• Easy-to-use gimbals for camera positioning