Berkley Gulp! 3" Saltwater Shrimp (6 pack)

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Take your saltwater flats fishing to the next level with the Berkley Gulp! 3" Saltwater Shrimp. These soft plastic baits have a live shrimp appearance and movement that will convince the most stubborn fish to bite.

Berkley Gulp! 3" Saltwater Shrimp release 400x more scent than other soft plastics on the market. The scent dispersion on these allows you to increase your strike zone and lure fish from a wider range.

Berkely Gulp! 3" Saltwater Shrimp are extremely durable, tough, long-lasting, and 100% biodegradable. Rig these with a weighted jig head or a basic worm hook for best results. Use it in any fishing application where you'd be using live shrimp. Bounce along the bottom or use a slow retrieve to work the shrimp throughout the entire water column.