Avery GHG Strap Decoy Weights

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Avery GHG Strap Decoy Weights are a simple and easy solution to keep your decoys in  place throughout the hunt. Made with a pliable metal, these strap weights can be easily folded to wrap around the neck or keel of a duck decoy.

To use Avery GHG Strap Decoy Weights, simply tie decoy rigging cord to your decoy and the other end to the strap weights. The amount of cord you use will depend on the water depth where you are hunting. When the hunt is finished, simply wrap the cord around the base of the decoy and fold the strap weight around the neck or keel.

Avery GHG Strap Decoy Weights Features:

• 12 pack
• 5 oz strap weights
• Wrap around decoy neck or keel