Avery GHG QuickRig Anchor Kit

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The Avery GHG QuickRig Anchor Kit simplifies decoy rigging and deployment with a Texas-rig system that is tangle-free. You no longer have to fight with tangled decoy cords and decoy bags. This system makes it easy to deploy, store, and retrieve duck decoys without any mess.

The Avery GHG QuickRig Anchor Kit includes non-tangle, monofilament lines that have cooper sleeves to protect from abrasive surfaces. This Texas-rig system includes a loop at one end of the line and an egg weight at the other end. The spring clip for attaching decoys slides along the line so that they can be used in a wide range of water depths.

This 12 pack of decoy anchor rigs also includes a 5" floating carabiner so that all your decoys can be carried at once. To deploy a decoy, simply unclip one of the lines from the carabiner and throw it. When retrieving decoys, simply loop the wire back onto the carabiner for easy transport.

Avery GHG QuickRig Anchor Kit Features:

• 12 pack
• Texas-rig anchor system
• Includes floating 5" carabiner