Avery GHG Jerk Cord Kit

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The Avery GHG Jerk Cord Kit helps to bring your decoys to life by adding motion to a 6 decoy spread. Use this kit with six decoys (not included) to simulate a pack of six ducks chasing each other through the water.

The Avery GHG Jerk Cord Kit includes 100' of braided line on a winder handle for easy retrieval. It also includes a KW-1 camouflage carry bag for easy storage and two anchors. Use the 15" auger stake for shallow water hunting and the 1.5 lb grapple anchor for deeper water hunting.

Avery GHG Jerk Cord Kit Features:

• Includes 100' of line, carry bag, and two anchors
• Creates lifelike movement for 6 decoy spread
• Decoys not included