Avery GHG Decoy Cord Crimps

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Avery GHG Decoy Cord Crimps make it easy to secure decoy rigging cord without tying knots around decoys or weights. These soft anodized aluminum crimps can be used with a variety of decoy rigging cord including nylon and PVC.

To use Avery GHG Decoy Cord Crimps, simply insert your rigging cord through one hole in the crimp and back through the other hole. Then use a standard pair of channel locks or pliers to tighten and crimp the decoy rigging line. Use two crimps per decoy -- one on the weight end and one on the decoy end of the rigging line.

Avery GHG Decoy Cord Crimps Features:

• 24 pack
• Use 2 crimps per decoy
• Easy to crimp with pliers